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old story I wrote Empty old story I wrote

Post by skyrocks93 on Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:40 pm

I`m here on the planet 5467/b59 where there are varzakian people and
they are trying to capture me for taking a fruit from what they call
the sacred tree.The sacred tree is an ancient tree which they worship
the wood is used for making a really expensive house.A house made from
this tree is normally a church for the varzakian people the varzakian
people burn incense and do a ritual before they sacrifice.I happen to
be their sacrifice today.I really need my crews help about now.Here
they are with their blasters by their side ready for battle.First they
try to bargain for me offering high tech weapons and armor.But they
refuse.then they see the key hanging from first mates pants.then they
ask if they could have that for my life.So my first mate agrees and
hands them his keys and they hand me over with a couple logs from their
sacred tree.:NOTE:good thing my first mate carries a few extra keys on

I wrote this like years and years ago

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