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Post by Hibari san on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:54 am

Hero of Darkness

Thee cost of my love is within my shining Armour now eliminated from light thou hearted words filled thee with happiness and strength fort thee wouldst throw thy life on the line to save thou life no matter the cost for thy love for you hast left me in darkness however foolish it is for thee to come back even as the unloved Hero of Darkness I would still stand by thou side as your once Valliant hero shining of light. For there will always be light in darkness just as love is in hate let thou creasant moon shine upon thy Armour thy soul another chance to live and love and kiss thou angelic lips so heavenly that it could rip away the darkness around thy body so I may feel the love of light but there wouldst be no chance that love and light will ever acknowledge me.
By Solid Snake (Zack Noble)
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