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Post by Chuu on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:49 am

I spent all day at work wondering about the bushes rustling that morning. It was as if there was an animal or something in there. Wind doesn't make a soft sneezing noise, or rustle the branches under the tightly woven leaves. Does it? It could have been a rabbit, but I really wasn't sure.
"Hello? Can I order, like, now please?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, what can I get you?"
I took her order, but my whole day was the same thing. I was distracted from my work. Great, my first day on cash by myself, and I wasn't working properly. They'll probably put me back on grill until next week. I tried to keep my mind off the bush for the rest of the day, thinking only of working, but it was difficult. Finally the end of my shift came and I booked it back as fast as I could. I needed to find out what was in the bush!
I remember exactly where it was. Right across from the park, I passed it every single day on my way to work, and on my way home. I'm not sure why I hadn't noticed that there was something in it. But there it was. I dropped to my knees and reached in, feeling around. Nothing. That was odd. I muttered some curses under my breath, hoping no one was around to hear me. I wasn't raised to use language, even when I was angry. And my mom made sure everyone knew that.
I got up, dejected and very disappointed that I hadn't found anything. I heaved a sigh, turning back quick to see if maybe the thing went out of the bush to avoid me, but nothing at all. Another sigh, and I turned around and headed home. If I was smart, I might have heard the click of claws on the pavement. I'm not stupid, maybe it was just my disappointment that made me miss it. A few feet away from the bush, something jumped on me. Hard. It knocked me right to the ground and hugged me tight.
"Knew I'd find you, silly! I just knew it! Where you been hiding all my life baby??" The thing was furry. And was that.... And she was naked. Pressing up against me. I blushed hard, picking myself up. She didn't let go of me. "Baby? Where are you going?"
I stiffened. Baby? I shrugged her off and turned to face the creature. She stood there, absolutely naked, and beaming, like she was proud with herself. Actually, she reminded me of Ruff when he came back from hunting with my dad.....Come to think of it, she was a dog. My mouth gaped, taking her in. Her fur was shaggy and definitely hadn't been brushed. It was a tawny brown, mottled with spots like a dalmation. Her hands....paws?...were black, left hand to the wrist and right to the elbow. Same with her feet, although they were black to mid-calf. She was short, I guessed about 5'1", and really thin. She wasn't very heavy either, although I couldn't make a guess to her weight. I'd just weigh her later at home. She had a fluffy tail, although it wasn't as fluffy as maybe a husky, or something like that. It was thinner. I looked back up to her face. Her muzzle was thin, with a little white near her shiny coal nose. I smiled at her, she noticed I was checking her out. Her hair was quite long, and very blond, a few streaks of black here and there. Her eyes were unusual, a pretty violet colour. I'd never seen such pretty eyes for a dog, but then again, she wasn't normal. Her ears stood pointed, like a dobermann's ears when they've been cropped, although they were not thinned like the cut-up ears. They were full, and very fluffy. The tips were black like her paws, down to mid-ear.


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